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The Centre for the Promotion of Quality in Wine is a consulting firm that develops a unique concept in the wine business.

The prohibitive cost of poor quality and performance measures, total quality, bringing more business in wine sector to develop quality-product as the preferred vehicle of their competitiveness.
The CEVAQOE has taken the role as external consultant to propose, in accordance with the needs of business, management skills and weaknesses in the field of bottling.

Thus, after an audit, it is able to submit a plan for technical improvements and develop a quality assurance system for bottling, from the choice of solids to shipping.

The direction is provided by Jean-Michel Riboulet, Winemaker, Doctor Oenology, IAE, well known among wine professionals in France and abroad.

Faced with financial and commercial consequences of incidents of clogging, the CEVAQOE as specialized professional and independent exercise of its action in consultancy:

• diagnosis of post-conditioning capping
• Assistance in defining the need for closure,
• accreditation of suppliers,
• Control the way
• Training
• The prime contractor for specific research
• expertise on litigation.

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